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At Hometown Manor, we dedicate ourselves to quality service and promise a prompt response. And because we are small, if there is ever a need, rest assured that you have the benefit of communicating directly with the Owner or Director. Our leadership is excited to meet with you as we help understand your request through Hometown Manor Assisted Living Communities.

Below is our guide to help answer your questions, and let us know the nature of your visit to our website today. If you have any questions not answered or trouble getting started, you may also contact us directly for further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some commonly asked questions regarding assisted living communities:

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living Communities offer 24-hour, non-medical care to individuals and couples. Put simply, we assist those that would like help with their daily living, but who are not in need of skilled nursing care.

How can Assisted Living Communities help?

We offer 24-hour monitoring and assistance with daily needs such as the following: Meal preparation, medication reminders, housekeeping and laundry, assistance with bathing grooming dressing, hygiene, and transfers, as well as, other assistances for daily living

**Our rates include all services above PLUS: 3 home-cooked meals per day, utilities, furniture, and local transportation**

Who qualifies for assisted living?

Generally speaking, all residents must be able to participate to some extent in all activities of daily living (i.e. dressing, eating, grooming, etc). Participation looks different for each Resident. Please inquire for an assessment.

Can residents with medical needs stay in assisted living communities?

The answer depends on the extent of the need, but home-medical groups can provide services, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapies, within our Communities. Traveling physicians can also offer services.

Can you have residents with dementia?

Residents with dementia can reside in our Communities if they are not a danger to themselves or others and can participate in their daily activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, and grooming. Residents must not wander.

What does the cost include?

While some assisted living communities offer services based on an a-la-carte menu, Hometown Manor offers all services for one simple, affordable rate. Services include those listed above plus utilities, 3 home-cooked meals, private living space, and more.

Are payment assistances available?

Assisted Living in Kentucky is non-medical, therefore Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for our services. However, assistance may be available through the VA or other groups. Please ask about current programs.

Can you stay short-term?

Yes. You simply pay by the day. There is no long-term commitment. Respite is typically used by those going home.

How does Hometown Manor differ?

Home-like atmosphere

We offer a small setting that features family-style dining and cozy common areas, allowing residents to relax and socialize within an inviting space that feels like home.


Because our small environment is owner-operated, we have less overhead and therefore can pass savings on to our residents. As a result, our rates are amongst the lowest available.

You are interested in our joining our community. This is great news, and we welcome you as the transition to your future home begins!

You have a loved one who is in need of assisted living. You have not dealt with this before. Our team is here to help give you peace of mind!

You are interested in becoming part of the Hometown Manor family! We are always looking for new applicants to pursue a career with us!

You are passionate and excited to partner with Hometown Manor! You are interested in reaching new communities. Welcome and get ready to take the next step!

"A huge thank you for ALL that you do! I know it is not the easiest of jobs and especially during a Pandemic.

Hometown Manor and all of you have been a lifesaver to me, and I greatly appreciate all you do!!

Thank you!!" ~ Rainie B.